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Crunchkins Edible Crunch Card

Like humans, there are times when your furry friend will have to battle with an illness or accident. At this moment, the pet curl up, tends to hide and sleeps almost all the time. When pets are sick, the loneliness and hurt can be felt in the entire home.

As a pet lover, the best you can do it get a little treat to make it active and enjoy fun playtime with toys. How about getting a crunch card for the pet to chew and have a good time? This one from Crunchkins is designed as a get well soon crunch card for a recuperating pet.

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Detailed information about Crunchkins Edible Crunch Card

The crunch card is made as a small snack coupling up as a get well soon card for a pet that had to go through a sick phase. It is made using all natural ingredients to ensure it is safe for all pets. Therefore, it is edible, and one should not worry about health risks after chewing it up. The card is unique as a gift for a dog lover that is taking care of a sick one.

Since the card comes in colors, it is incredibly attractive to a pet. The dog will most likely want to chew it immediately it sees it. The colors are of quality and do not run while the pet chews on the card. When it comes to packaging, the crunch card comes in a mailing envelope included in the total price.