Chocolate Truffles/Citrus Blossom Candle

Food gifts tend to come in handy for almost all occasions. Whether it’s housewarming, dinner party, or a cocktail party, a food gift always takes the day simply because we all love to indulge. And so, if you have been invited to a dinner party or a housewarming party, why not gift the hostess with this mini box from BOUTIQUE BAR packed with delicious chocolate truffles and citrus blossom candle?

This lovely minibox has nothing but pure bliss. The chocolate truffles are nothing but pure gourmet treats, delicious indulgence meant to take your taste buds to the next level. What more, the receiver gets to indulge in these delicious truffles in the comfort of an amazingly sweet-smelling aroma from the citrus blossom candle.

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Detailed information about Chocolate Truffles/Citrus Blossom Candle

This box comes filled with everything to revive your taste buds and senses. It is the ultimate pick filled with delicious and feel good scent that will without a doubt fill the receiver with positive energy and start off their morning with nothing but great rejuvenation and end it on the same note.

The citrus blossom candles will be responsible for goodness and the awesome feeling of swimming in the great beachy scents. It’s the excellent feel-good package meant for total indulgence. The 2.2 oz candles have a burn time of around 15-20 hours, and they will be an absolute bliss with their amazing citrus scent.

Alongside the candles are the delicious chocolate truffles to complete blissful set-up. This mini gift box comes filled with eight pieces of scrumptious chocolate truffles. Four of them are dark, and the other four are milk truffles, and each has unique flavors that are nothing but mouthwatering.


The box comes with a sweet-smelling citrus blossom candle

The gift box is packed with chocolate truffles each with unique flavors

It box is beautifully packaged with a lovely display