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Copper Bracelet Twisted for Arthritis – Guaranteed 99.9%

If you are looking for a thoughtful therapeutic gift for a special someone in your life you should consider getting them this copper bracelet by Copper Compression Gear. This bracelet stands out from the rest. It’s beautiful, its comfortable and absolutely impressive. There is nothing not to love with this bracelet and the person who receives it will be awed by its quality.

This is an energy bracelet made for good health and balance. It’s a pain relief bracelet crafted to ensure the well-being of the wearer. It is made of pure copper with a twisted style. For many years, copper has been used to help relieve symptoms associated with joint pain, arthritis, Carpal Tunnel, RSI and many others.


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Detailed information about Copper Bracelet Twisted for Arthritis – Guaranteed 99.9%

The bracelet is crafted with 6 therapeutic magnets which are strategically placed near the wrist to help increase blood flow to the surrounding veins. The magnets also help bring essential healing body nutrients such as vitamin C and iron and balance the bio-energy fields surrounding the wrist and the tissues close by.

Just like copper, magnets have been used for many years in therapy. People who have used magnets claim to have experienced significant relief from pain and a degree of healing. The copper twisted bracelet will not only provide therapeutic healing to the person wearing it, but it will also balance their energies and improve their well-being.


It is made of 99.9% pure copper

It has 6 therapeutic magnets conveniently placed near the wrist

It's effective for symptomatic pain relieve

It has an adjustable open design which makes a perfect fit and easy to wear