Joking Hazard: Fun Game For Adults

This game is so much fun but it is advisable that no children are around while people are playing it. This game is exclusively for adults because it is rated for adult content.

With that in mind, a person can already imagine what the game is like. Joking Hazard is a game about making funny comics related to the subjects of friendships, violence, sex and a lot of other themes.

For it to be played it requires at least three players. It comes with a box in which there are 360 different cards that can be used to create a funny scenario including each topic.

Perfect funny gag gift if we’ve seen one!

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Detailed information about Joking Hazard: Fun Game For Adults

Here is the way this game works. The judge will flip over a card from the top of the card deck. Then, they will take one of the cards and place it next to the first card.

Next, the other players will place one card of their choice face down into a pile for the third part of the comic.

The judge will then shuffle the pile of cards and will choose the best one that fits the comic. If a player's card is chosen then they win.


Perfect for friends

Fun game