Handmade Bar Soap Gift Set

What do you buy for the coffee and chocolate lover who has everything? How about some soap perfumed with their favorite fragrances? Have you ever come across soap that is fragranced with three different coffee flavors and one chocolate? No, neither have we. Until we came upon this lovely handmade soap from Missame, that is.

This pack contains four different types of handmade soap based on olive oil with added shea butter. The other ingredients are coconut oil, vegetable oil, hemp oil, fragrance, and ground coffee to act as an exfoliant. Each individual bar of soap weighs approximately 5oz and is exactly the right size for using as a hand or body soap.

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Detailed information about Handmade Bar Soap Gift Set

Each individual bar is cut from a larger loaf of soap that has been handmade in their own factory, so size and weight measurements are always approximate and may vary compared to other bars in the set. After each bar is hand cut they are individually shrink wrapped to maintain the freshness, then individually labelled and packed ready for shipment in a strong flat box. The soap is not tested on animals so is cruelty free and all the ingredients, except the fragrance oils, are completely natural.

These individual soap bars may be made in the traditional way, but the fragrances are anything but traditional. They are Freshly Brewed Coffee, Cinnamon Latte, Café Mocha and Fudgy Chocolate Sundae. What more could anyone ask? Not only does your friend love to consume coffee and chocolate but now they can wash with it as well!


This beautiful handmade soap is infused with the fragrance of three different coffees and one of chocolate

All the soap is cruelty free so it is not tested on animals

This soap is just perfect as a gift for the coffee and chocolate lover

Perfect for your loved one or friend for any occasion