CLUE: Game Of Thrones

It is no secret that everyone loves CLUE, the good old mystery game. It is also not a secret that a lot of people love Game of Thrones – And that’s why this insanely cool board game is a gift made in heaven for fans of both.

An amazingly fitting gift especially for Game of Throne fans and collectors alike, everyone will surely enjoy playing this classic game, whether they are fans of the show and series or not. Bust it out during camping trips, weekends, sleepovers and even quiet weeknights for a fun-filled, exciting time with your family and friends.

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Detailed information about CLUE: Game Of Thrones

This Game of Thrones-themed mystery game includes a dual-sided game board with detailed illustrations of places set in the world of Game of Thrones but in the familiar Clue layout. It is up to you to choose which murder mystery location you would like to explore – the streets of Meereen or the rooms in the Red Keep.

The game also includes six weapons and twelve suspects - six from the Red Keep and six from Meereen. Expose which of the suspects did the crime and which weapon was used to carry out the murder in true Clue style.


Easy to store

Intuitive gameplay


Only for 18+ and older; although there is nothing indecent in the game itself, the gameplay does feature themes that may not be appropriate for a child, such as having the play pieces as weapons and having the storyline revolve in a crime