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Cape Craftsmen Hanging Wooden Wine Holder Rack

Showing off a wine collection is something that many people take pride in. Not only is it fun to see the kinds of wine you prefer but it is also useful so you know when your supply is running low. The majority of wine racks, however, are large and cumbersome or stand on counters or the floor.

This isn’t always feasible when a person lives in a small apartment or has limited space for their wine collection. They also need a wine rack that will blend into and complement the existing décor in the home. Something that won’t stand out and yet looks stylish and sturdy.

This hanging wooden rack from Cape Craftsmen is a wall hanging display for up to six wine bottles of standard size.

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Detailed information about Cape Craftsmen Hanging Wooden Wine Holder Rack

The wall mounted rack has a simple keyhole on the rear side for easy hanging. If the recipient has more than six bottles in their collection then there is no need to worry, you can buy more than one of these so they can hang them either as a group or separate them into categories of white wine and reds.

The Cape Craftsmen wall hanging wine racks will do a good job of removing glass bottles from the kitchen counter where they might get knocked over and onto the wall at a place that is out of the way and looks good too.

The wall is one of those places in the kitchen that are often overlooked as a storage area but these wine racks use the space to its full advantage.

The bottles not only look good but are out of the way, and are secure from accidents. Perfect for any wine lover in your life!


Holds up to six standard sized wine bottles

A stylish looking wine rack will complement any decorations

Put up just one on the wall or hang as many as you need