Camp Kitchen Utensil Organizer Travel Set

There is nothing quite like cooking in the outdoors. Whether it is in the wilderness on a marathon hike, a road trip, camping or just on the barbeque at home in the garden, outdoor camping is both fun and doesn’t have to be a lot of work. There is only one problem however and that is where to store all the barbeque utensils so they are all in one place and easily accessed when needed? Ideally, the barbeque chef needs a range of cooking tools in an easily carried bag or box that is reusable and easily cleaned. The Camp Kitchen Utensil Organizer Travel Set from Wealers ticks all those boxes and more.

The Utensil Pouch is a way of neatly organizing and carrying all the kitchen utensils in one place.

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Detailed information about Camp Kitchen Utensil Organizer Travel Set

Each utensil has its own designated place or pouch so that nothing becomes scratched or scraped in transit and when it is time to cook, everything is exactly where it is needed. The zippered carrying bag is made from very tough woven cotton so that it cushions and protects each utensil from damage if the set is dropped or roughly handled while in transit.

The outside of the bag shows a contemporary and stylish design with a multicolor woven pattern, available in four different color schemes. It blends in with most sets of existing dinnerware and lends a bright splash of vibrant color to most outdoor parties. When zippered the bag is small enough to fit inside travel luggage or a rucksack or if necessary can be carried with the handy wrist strap. The bag itself is dishwasher safe and cleans up really well if the utensils have a coating of grease after being used.


All the useful food grade utensils are compactly stowed away inside the colorful cotton zippered bag

Everything the chef needs for an outdoor barbeque

The bag is easily washed

Room for additional or replacement tools