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Kay Dee Designs Camping Travel Towel Set

One of the guiding factors in getting someone a gift has to be their interests and hobbies. It is essential to choose a gift a friend will love and use as they go about their daily activities. For those that enjoy camping and travel, there is a variety of gift options that relate to the hobby.

One of such is this towel set from Kay Dee Designs. It has a travel and camping theme which makes them suitable for those that love traveling and camping. The gift can be ideal for any occasion including birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

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Detailed information about Kay Dee Designs Camping Travel Towel Set

The set comes with two pieces of towels measuring 18 inches wide by 28 inches long. This size is appropriate for adults use as well as kids. The towels are made of 100% cotton for a soft touch. Also, the texture is sturdy to last a long time with frequent use and washing. They can be washed in a cold machine cycle to retain the quality for an extended period.

Also, it is advisable to tumble dry on low heat to ensure the towels remain in the right condition. One thing a friend will love about the towels is the interesting travel-theme design. The designs express the love for travel and camping with the simple graphics of a camper and tags. These features make the towels one of the perfect gifts for people that love adventure and travel.