C.R. Gibson 9-Count File Folders

Filing things is necessary for all aspects of life. From work to school to in the home, file folders are used to keep things organized. Students use them to hold homework, homeowners use them to keep documents organized and safe, and people who work utilize them in their desks all the time. For something that is used a lot, manila file folders sure are boring.

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Detailed information about C.R. Gibson 9-Count File Folders

Spice up your school work, home organizing, or office life with fun and colorful file folders. Each package comes with 9 file folders and 10 adhesive labels for keeping things organized. Each color pack has their own sayings. The neon pack has folders that say, “won’t do,” “must do,” and “don’t want to do.” There is also a patterned pack with stripes, zig-zags, and polka dots which say ‘believe,’ ‘achieve,’ and ‘dream’ respectively. The fashionista pack has different patterns with sketches of fashionistas on them. There is also a gold pack with folders that have a white base and gold foiled polka dots, stripes, or a heart on them. The pastel professional pack has a black, salmon, and light pink color with sayings like: “bang head here,” “retirement is only thirty years away,” and “I’m a freakin’ professionally” typed in gold on them, respectively. The last pack is colored file folders with big gold quotation marks on them.