KitoDesign Butt Supply Station Desk Accessory Holder

This excellent desk accessory from KitoDesign will certainly liven up the office. It is not only practical but it is comical as well.

This product is sure to be quite the conversation starter. Nobody will be able to sit down across the desk from this product without noticing and commenting on the “Butt Station”.

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Detailed information about KitoDesign Butt Supply Station Desk Accessory Holder

The clever use of space allows for all of the above functions to be handled by just one Butt Station; the toilet bowl stores paperclips and conveniently the butt of the seated figure is magnetized to pick up the paperclips from the bowl making them easy to access.

The hands of the figure hold and dispense the toilet paper, i.e. tape, and there is a tape cutter on the feet of the figure. The toilet tank itself can hold note cards, pencils, and pens. There is also a fun spot for another pen or pencil in the seated figure’s mouth. So many ideas in one small accessory.


Holds memo cards, paper clips, and pens and it also dispenses tape

This product comes in three colors (blue, green and orange) to match any office décor

Skillfully crafted in the art deco style