Brinker-Regal Entertainment Movie & A Meal Gift Cards

Sometimes getting the perfect gift may not be easy. You might end up going through an endless list of material gifts but still fail to get something that will remain forever memorable. What you may be looking for is experience gift. This one will give someone an awesome experience that they will forever live to cherish.


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Detailed information about Brinker-Regal Entertainment Movie & A Meal Gift Cards

This great multipack of two from Brinker/ Regal Entertainment will without a doubt give someone an amazing, memorable experience. Nothing beats a good time spend watching a favorite movie and a delicious meal with a loved one. These are the simple pleasures in life that everyone deserves to experience once in a while. After all, isn’t life about creating amazing memories that leave us with smiles and fond thoughts of our loved ones?

This pack comes with two great gifts. The Brinker gift cards will give one the best sizzling meals at the Chili’s Grill and Bar. Here they will get the most delicious sizzling spiced up favorites of all time. Or get the most memorable experience with Romanos Macaroni Grill and joyfully celebrate the great Italian traditions. They can choose to go for a Mexican experience On The Border or have everything they have ever craved for at the Maggiano’s Little Italy.


One gets an entertainment movie card and a great meal card

The meal card gives one a variety of restaurants to choose from

One gets to choose their own design for the cards