Funky Junque Women’s Embroidered Sun Hat

This big, floppy sun hat from Funky Junque is the perfect gift for a great variety of women. It can really be a special gift for a bride-to-be as one of the most popular options that this hat is available in has “bride-to-be” embroidered across the brim of the hat in bold, cursive writing. This can give her a way to show off her in new engagement and enhance her awesome style at the same time. The hat has that classic sun hat appearance with a natural straw color. They are made with a medium-thickness that is both durable and lightweight for additional comfort. This is a hat that is one-size-fits-most. It will fit almost anyone and is even somewhat adjustable thanks to a hidden drawstring.

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Detailed information about Funky Junque Women’s Embroidered Sun Hat

This is a hat that is wonderful for a variety of ages. There are lots of great sayings for brides available, but there are also sayings that will work regardless of age or situation. Some of the available sayings are things like, “out of office”, “on cloud wine”, “do not disturb”, and “just chillin’”. Most of the sayings come on a natural straw-colored hat, but there are a couple of white hat options too. You can choose a white hat that says, “bride” in golden embroidery or a white hat that says, “just married” in the black embroidery. This can be a really excellent gift for a bride that is going to be going to the beach for her honeymoon.