Blue Q Socks Women’s Crew

Are you in search of a colorful pair of socks which also make a bold statement? Look no further because we present to you these Women’s Crew socks by Blue Q. The high-quality socks are also super soft and comfy. They’re made from a cotton, Nylon and Spandex hybrid for the Sassy girl who is not afraid to let her socks do the talking. These feisty crew socks are perfect for ladies whose shoe sizes vary from 5 to 10.

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Detailed information about Blue Q Socks Women’s Crew

A cool gift for any sassy mother, daughter or grandmother as well. These socks are versatile and could be a unique birthday present or allow you to be a real rebel at work. These colorful patterns tend to stand out and draw compliments from all around. They are pretty cool to wear with anything from slumber parties to 80's themed events which are known for their colorful atmosphere.