Handmade Wooden Beer Mug

Give a cheerful toast to your favorite beer lover with a refreshing drink poured into this fancy handmade wood beer mug. This retro-themed wood beer mug is beautifully handcrafted to create a classic appeal and is just the right way to enjoy your favorite beverage. Great for a night out, wild dinner party or just any college party, this classic beer mug provides a comfortable hold for your cold one.

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Detailed information about Handmade Wooden Beer Mug

This beautifully crafted mug also makes for a great centerpiece, especially for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries or any special event. Go old school with this handcrafted wood beer mug which looks exactly like an old barrel. The slight indentations on the body and the stunning grain of the wood with impeccable detailing make it totally out of the box.