Beurio Knit Hip Hot Beanie Hat

Winter is coming. And not just because the new Game of Thrones season is out. Summer is ending and fall and winter will roll in before we know it. Be prepared, and in great fashion with this adorable beanie that has ‘meow’ stitched into it. The ‘o’ has little ears and whiskers like a cat. It is the perfect gift for teenage girls!

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Detailed information about Beurio Knit Hip Hot Beanie Hat

This beanie comes in four colors, black, navy, gray, and red. It is perfect for any fur-mom (or dad) in your life who loves their cat(s) and all things that have to do with them. This hat will bring fun to any outdoor activity, especially in the spring, fall, or winter. Wear it hiking, sledding, skiing, walking, running, camping, or just outside on a nice fall or winter day. This is a versatile hat that can be worn for fashion, comfort, or both!