BBQ Grill Apron – I Turn Grills On

The barbeque chef in the family has pride of place when it comes to grilling the steaks, sausages, and burgers. The chef is usually a guy (but it can be a woman as well) and guys like to show off and tell everyone how good they are at using the barbeque. At the same time, barbeques often spit hot fat from the grilling meat which in turn lands on clothing or if the chef is in shorts and a tee shirt, on bare skin. Believe us when we say that hot fat on the skin is not very nice to experience.

The chef, therefore, needs some protection and what better protection can there be, but a full-size apron, perfectly designed to protect all those bits that need protection and to show what a great barbeque chef he really is.

This BBQ Grill Apron – I Turn Grills On from Apron Men, is the ideal apron as it incorporates everything that a true barbeque chef needs.

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Detailed information about BBQ Grill Apron – I Turn Grills On

The apron can be easily adjusted to suit the size of the person wearing it by simply adjusting the ties. This is a great apron that will not only suit the outside barbeque chef but also the indoor kitchen chef and the professional chef as well.

Whether the owner is in the garden, in the kitchen or in the diner, you know that they can rely on this apron being hardwearing, easily washed and of good quality. And of course, there is nothing to say that the apron can only be worn while preparing food.

It can just as easily be worn as protection by a modelmaker, DIY enthusiast, or by a gardener to name but a few. There really is no end to the usefulness of this apron.


Polyester cotton mix so easily washed and hardwearing

The humorous slogan on the chest area

Extra long ties ensure the apron will fit most sizes