Firefighter Gifts

If there is a special event coming up and you are looking for good firefighter gifts to bring with you, you have come to the right place. Do you have a friend or family member who is a firefighter? These are some of the most special men and women out there, and their dedication to their communities is incredibly inspiring! Finding the perfect gift to thank them for their service (or to celebrate them on their birthday) can feel daunting. What do you get for someone who does so much? Thankfully, we have compiled this list of perfect firefighter gifts. From useful gifts they can put to good use, to items they will love to use when they need to sit back and relax, we have thought of everything. Take a look at our gift guide and see what we have come up with. You’ll have the perfect item in no time!

10 Things to Consider When Looking for Firefighter Gifts & Gift Ideas

Are you currently shopping for the perfect gift for the firefighter in your life? Keep these 10 tips in mind as you shop for their gift!

1. Think of the positive aspects of the job

It is true that working as a firefighter can be grueling. The job can be physically (and mentally) difficult, combined with long shifts, it’s a lot!

However, when thinking of the right gift, focus instead on the positive aspects of the job.

Think of the countless people they help and service they provide to your community! Focus on how inspiring their job is, not how difficult it can be at times.

2. Consider their hobbies

As much as a firefighter’s career choice is clearly a major part of their life, they are always sure to have hobbies as well!

Sometimes, the best gift option is to get them something that encourages them to take some time for themselves and do whatever it is they love to do (running? golf? sports?)

A gift can help give them the nudge they need to take the time to unwind and enjoy other parts of life.

3. Help them relax

In addition to considering their hobbies, another great thing to keep in mind is simply that firefighters need to have dedicated time to relax.

They may not take that time on their own, so a gift can help push them to relax (quite the oxymoron - but it’s true!).

Whether that is getting them some comfortable clothes, a spa set, or even buying them their favorite movie or getting them that new book they’ve been wanting to read, these are not only a great gifts on their own, they also force the firefighter to relax and de-stress, which is what they need (and deserve) more than anything!

4. Experiences are wonderful gifts

You know how hard firefighters work, often working 12-hour shifts. Sometimes, the best gift is to take them away from the fire station, away from home, and out to do something fun.

No one is more deserving, and the change of scenery may be all they need to feel totally rejuvenated and stress-free!

5. Practical gifts are great (in this case)

Often times we shy away from recommending practical gifts, but for firefighters, it is a great idea!

There are so many various types of items that firefighters can use to make their jobs a little bit easier or safer.

There is an abundance of really cool yet practical gifts out there, and any firefighter would love to have something new to use at work!

6. Humor is a plus

As they say, laughter is the best medicine, and sometimes that is all someone needs to help lift their spirits.

A gift that will make a firefighter laugh is always an excellent idea and one that is sure to be truly appreciated.

7. Ask for ideas

This may mean asking the person you are shopping for, but also consider asking friends and family members as well for ideas.

Does this person want to be reminded of their job when they are home, or do they want to forget about it while they are off the clock?

This crucial knowledge can help steer you in the direction of the perfect gift.

8. Dress them up

You know a firefighter’s daily wardrobe - there isn’t a whole lot of flexibility there!

They also often tend to dress comfortably on their off-hours (and who can blame them) but a gift is a perfect opportunity to get them something special they can wear when they take the night off and go out for dinner or drinks with friends and family!

9. Help their fitness

Firefighters have to be in incredible shape for their job, so a fitness-inspired gift is perfect for them!

From exercise equipment to clothing, or fitness trackers, there are plenty of gift idea options here that any firefighter is sure to love and get a lot of use out of.

10. Celebrate their achievements

Finally, firefighters tend to be very humble when it comes to their accomplishments, but that doesn’t mean you have to be!

Consider a gift that helps celebrate and display this person’s wonderful work serving the community.

Consider framing any awards or certificates - they deserve to be displayed! This is a wonderful gift idea and will do a lot to prove to this person how proud you are of what they do.

Being a firefighter can be a thankless job, but you have the chance to do the opposite, and that will always make for a wonderful gift!

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What To Get a Firefighter?

Firefighters are some of the hardest working men and women out there, and the choice they make to risk their lives in order to save others is truly inspiring.

Do you know a firefighter? Maybe you are married to one, or have a parent, grandparent, or close friend who is one.

You know the dangerous but noble job they have and the long hours they work- there is no one more deserving of a special gift!

Whether you know someone who has recently passed all their tests to become a firefighter, someone who has been a firefighter for years, or even someone who is about to retire after a career of service, these are all incredibly special and dedicated individuals. The problem is- what do you get them as a gift?

What is the Firefighter’s Prayer and Why is it a Good Idea to Include it in a Gift

Have you heard of the Firefighter’s Prayer? It is a wonderful prayer that comforts both firefighters and their families.

It was originally written all the way back in 1958 by firefighter Alvin William “Smokey” Linn. For nearly 7 decades the prayer has remained a source of comfort for firefighters and continues to be recited and used on prayer cards, prints, and more.

It is a wonderful prayer that really highlights the desire that every firefighter has to protect absolutely everyone.

If you are close with a firefighter you have probably heard of this, but had you ever thought to include it in a gift?

It is a great idea that is very thoughtful and perfect for anyone who is, or was, a firefighter.

Here’s why it is such a good idea to include the Firefighter’s Prayer in a gift.

1. It’s personal

No matter what gift you give a firefighter, including the Firefighter’s Prayer makes the gift all that much more personal.

Their career is one of the most important parts of their life and acknowledging that by including this prayer is a great way to show your support, as well as to give thanks for the hard work that they do.

Even if you just include a simple prayer card along with the gift, it is a wonderful way to add a personal touch to any gift and recognize the person’s work as a firefighter.

Plus, with the card they can easily take it with them wherever they go, which can be comforting to the firefighter, knowing that they can pull it out and recite it whenever they want to.

2. It’s comforting

The Firefighter’s Prayer is comforting and can be a great addition to any gift. There is no denying how hard, and how scary, the job can be at times.

Having a source of comfort can be a big help at getting through those difficult calls.

This prayer can serve as a comfort both to the firefighter, and his or her family as well.

No matter what the occasion is, including the Firefighter’s Prayer along with your gift is a wonderful way to add something special to the gift.

3. It’s a reminder of years of hard work and dedication

Do you know someone who has retired from being a firefighter? The Firefighter’s Prayer is still a wonderful thing to include with a gift.

While this person may not be actively fighting fires anymore, they still dedicated their life to doing so, and likely still know many people who are active firefighters.

The prayer is a wonderful way to remind them of all of their hard work and is something they likely continue to pray as a prayer for other firefighters still risking their lives each and every day.

4. Consider making it part of the gift itself

Finally, in addition to being a good idea to include the Firefighter’s Prayer in a gift, why not make it part of the gift itself?

There are plenty of gift ideas that incorporate the Firefighter’s Prayer.

From simple prayer cards like we mentioned earlier, to larger pieces of art that you can hang at home or at the fire station.

Having the Firefighter’s Prayer on display is a great way to acknowledge its importance and can be very comforting to look at throughout the day.

It is a wonderful, thoughtful gift idea that any firefighter would love. Consider adding the firefighter’s name along with the prayer as well to make the gift even more personalized and special.

The Firefighter’s Prayer has been around for decades, being recited by numerous firefighters day in and day out.

Their hard work and dedication to saving lives is something truly inspirational, and this prayer helps to handle the scary side of this job.