Bambooee: Washable Paper Towel Fully Reviewed

Are you someone who tends to use paper towels to clean things up? Or are you the type of person who would actually use a real towel?

For those who use a paper towel, you can only use them once and then you need to throw them away. We use both for different purposes.

For instance, say that you spill something of the likes like spaghetti sauce all over the table. You would not necessarily want to use a good towel to clean it up. That is where the paper towel would come in handy.

Now, let’s say that you spill a lot of water all over your table. Now you could use some paper towels, but then you would be using a ton of them to clean it up.

If you use a regular towel then you can do it in one job since it is much thicker. What if you could have both? Well, you can which is why we present to you the Bambooee! A perfect gift for any home!

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Detailed information about Bambooee: Washable Paper Towel Fully Reviewed

The Bambooee is a brand-new idea that combines both a paper towel and regular towel into one thing! Now, you may be wondering how this may be possible.

Well, it is simply paper made out of Bamboo, hence the ‘bamboo’ in the name of the product. The thing that makes this really special though is that you can actually wash it.

Yes, you heard that right. YOU CAN WASH IT. How that is possible don’t ask us, but the people who invented the Bambooee made it possible. For a small comparison, 1 roll of Bambooee = 429 regular paper towel rolls.

That is a lot of paper and trees you save. Each sheet of paper can be used more than 200 times before needing to be finally ‘thrown away’. Now, if you were to buy a traditional roll of paper towels, you would be spending on average $10-$25 per pack. In most paper towel rolls you only get about 20 sheets.

So, for 1 roll you get 20 sheets; in 1 roll of Bambooee, you get 30 sheets. Now, say each roll of regular paper towels is worth $5. If you buy that same roll of paper towel 429 times, you would be spending $2,145!

That is a lot of money. If you buy Bambooee you would be saving $2,133.41! I don’t know about you, but I would rather save 2 grand then be spending it!


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