Atterstone Middle Finger 4-Piece Whiskey Decanter Bar Set

Here is the perfect way to make a statement in the home bar or maybe make a lasting impression on the boss this holiday season.

This middle finger whiskey decanter and glass tumbler set offered by Atterstone is a great way to set the attitude for the evening’s festivities or just make someone’s day a little bit more humorous.

This could be the bosses favorite Christmas present this year– providing that he or she has a good sense of humor that is.

This fun and an unusual whiskey decanter set is likely to make a huge impression with whoever is lucky enough to receive it.

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Detailed information about Atterstone Middle Finger 4-Piece Whiskey Decanter Bar Set

The top of the middle finger is capped with a glass stopper to keep the whiskey or liquor in and dust and debris out when not being used.

This unique set, as well as the ample size glass tumblers, is heavily weighted on the bottom to give it extra stability and to give this set a great hand feel.

The decanter holds 1000 milliliters of a fine whiskey or any liquor of choice, and the included tumblers are plenty large enough for holding a drink with plenty of additional room for ice if desired.


Perfect gift for the boss, a parent, or a friend

Each 4-piece bar set includes a 1000 ml glass whiskey decanter, two glass tumblers, and a wooden base to hold it all

The glassware is of high quality and the bottoms are extra heavy for balance as well as a classic look