Apple Magic Keyboard

If your family owns Apple products rather than PCs with Microsoft operating systems you should try to use genuine Apple peripherals so that everything meshes together. They might be more expensive than their non-Apple counterparts but for a well-tuned device to work at its optimum, it certainly needs the genuine Apple peripherals. The pleasure of using a completely genuine Apple system outweighs any talk of using ripoff keyboards or mice. The system works smoother and with fewer hiccups if the Apple computer is teamed up with Apple keyboard and Apple trackpad or mouse.

The usage of these extras is even better when the advantages of wireless devices are taken into account. There is nothing worse than to have unsightly wires draping over the workstation or desk and spoiling the clean lines and minimalistic designs of Apple products. Compare the ugly wires with an uncluttered wireless keyboard and trackpad to really appreciate the superb clean lines and years of design innovation that has gone into the Apple range of products.

The Apple Magic Keyboard from Apple is a completely wireless and fully rechargeable keyboard compatible with all Apple computer products (depending on operating system).

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Detailed information about Apple Magic Keyboard

It is colored silver and has a US English layout. The sleek design of the Magic Keyboard makes it something special to look at. It has a rechargeable battery charged using a USB lead from the computer and has many enhanced key features. The keys each have a stable scissor mechanism hidden beneath which allows just the correct amount of travel for each key as well as providing the low profile of the keyboard.

The Magic Keyboard measures 0.16” to 0.43” (0.41cm to 1.09cm) high x 10.98” (27.9cm) wide x 4.52” (11.49cm) deep and weighs about 0.51lb (0.231kg). In order to use the keyboard, you must have a Bluetooth enabled Mac computer with OS X 10.11 or later, or iOS devices with iOS 9.1 or later.


Sleek and clean-lined wireless keyboard

Compatible with Apple Mac computers and Apple devices

Pleasant key action and travel make for a comfortable and precise typing experience