All American Football BBQ Set: All Tools Included

There is nothing quite as perfect for your favorite griller as this All American Football BBQ Set. This is a great set for Father’s day, birthday, or even just as a ‘thanks for being awesome’ gift.

Here is the low down with this set. It is of great quality. It comes with a football tote, an apron with grill tool holders, stainless steel grill tools, and a hot mitt. The football tote is dark brown with football stitching on it. The straps are extremely sturdy and can easily handle carrying the grill set along with any wear and tear your griller may inflict on it.

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Detailed information about All American Football BBQ Set: All Tools Included

The tailgater’s apron matches the tote in color and with the striping. It has four utility pockets sewn right on the front to hold all of the tools a griller needs, including the hot mitt which will increase the efficiency of your griller (ideally). This is a one size fits all apron.

The hot mitt is a dark green with football stitches and is extremely durable. It will protect the griller against the heat even during the most intense tailgates. The tools included are a spatula and a two-pronged grilling fork. They have nice wooden handles and the faces of the tools look like footballs. On top of that, they are made from stainless steel making them even more durable and long-lasting. There is also a football tongs included to round out the package.