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Airplant Flying Jellyfish

Bringing the outdoor in not only means having a potted plant at the corner of a living room. It gets to more than that with modern technology. Air plants, for some time now have surfaced and are doing well in interior décor for most spaces around the world.

They are not only cute hanging in the air but also give your space that nature effect. They, however, need care as other plants to thrive and stay alive. This set from Hinterland Trading is super cute and would make such a lovely gift for friends and family.

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Detailed information about Airplant Flying Jellyfish

The air plant set features 3 Alphones Sea Urchins that are suspended using a clear line. They can be used in different areas as long as the conditions are right. The air plants need both light and darkness each day to thrive. Also, they need watering every few days to keep the green color vibrant all through. The benefits of maintaining these plants are that they gather micronutrients from the air and are not parasitic.

This feature makes them suitable to use in the indoors in areas such as balconies, kitchens, living rooms or bathrooms. Once you have the plants delivered, you should soak them in clean water for a few hours to nourish them. However, you should avoid too much time in the water because they may start to rot from the bottom. Also, the plants need at least six hours in the dark.