925 Sterling Silver .8MM Box Chain – Italian Necklace

Many people have had the experience of a broken necklace chain, and it is quite the bothersome one. It is particularly aggravating if the pendant is lost as well. You can keep this from happening to your gift recipient with the 925 Sterling Silver .8MM Box Chain. While most jewelry is designed first and foremost to be beautiful, Designer Sterling Silver also took into account durability and managed to create a necklace that is both incredibly beautiful and highly functional. Wearers claim that it is also remarkably comfortable even over long periods of wear.

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Detailed information about 925 Sterling Silver .8MM Box Chain – Italian Necklace

The company goes so far as to claim that this particular piece of jewelry will hold up to the frequent pulls of a surprisingly strong infant, the tug of a hairbrush, and even the necklace getting caught on a doorknob. A solid, thin and sparkly chain is connected to a well-crafted lobster clasp, offering the wearer both beauty and security. They will not have to worry about the chain falling into their drink over dinner. The chain and clasp are also specifically designed to avoid getting tangled in long hair, saving wearers a great deal of pain and frustration. The sterling silver material is hypoallergenic and does not induce any side effects. With this necklace, there is no such thing as a bad reaction to nickel or a green line left behind on the wearer’s skin by the metal. Additionally, this gift just keeps on giving, shipped with its own company gift of a jewelry survival kit for quick fixes.