Tecboss 3D Pen with PLA Filament Refills

Many people use 3D printers to build models and gadgets as a hobby, but usually, the printers can be very expensive. A less expensive version that may not be as mathematically perfect as a printer but is certainly good for expressing one’s artistic side is this 3D Pen with PLA Filament Refills” from Tecboss.

The 3D pen works something like a hot glue gun when it heats up the filament to melting point and deposits the filament onto the required place. Using this it is possible to build models and ornaments that are only as limited as someone’s imagination.

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Detailed information about Tecboss 3D Pen with PLA Filament Refills

The 3D Pen can use both PLA and ABS plastic filament with both types having their own working temperature (the PLA works between 160 and 180 degrees C, and the ABS works between 180 and 210 degrees C). The model maker can buy refill filaments for both these materials with a diameter of about 1.75mm.

It has eight-speed controls which allow the filament to travel past the heater at different rates thus allowing the filament to be softer or harder depending on the application. Using the full range of speeds can allow the artist to produce three-dimensional doodles, sketches, patterns, and solid models.

The Pen has an LED display which shows the material type that is being used and so automatically selects the required temperature, making it so easy to extrude the correct material at the correct temperature. The Pen also has finger protectors so that the thumb and index finger are unable to get anywhere near the hot nib and molten material.


This 3D Pen uses two different material filaments for two different uses

The temperature of application is automatically detected and applied

It allows the user to express artistic ability

It is recharged easily by means of a micro USB supply lead