Distinctlyivy Personalized Paw Print Necklace

This distinctive paw print necklace would be loved by all pet lovers! This is something that any pet owner would love to possess. Now, the necklaces can be made unique and personalized according to the buyer’s personal taste. Distinctlyvy offers something for all those people out there who are looking for something special to get for their little ones. This would be the cutest and most personal gift a pet lover can give to their pet. It is a personalized item that can be given to a cat or a dog. It is a necklace with the pet’s name, a paw print charm and hand stamped by Distinctlyvy.

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Detailed information about Distinctlyivy Personalized Paw Print Necklace

The chain on this necklace is adorable and will look super cute when worn around the neck. It features a paw and a name and when it hangs around the pet's neck it looks really adorable and the furry companions will always get recognized no matter where they go. Also, no more strangers asking about the pet's name when they are going to be able to see it at first sight! It is really the perfect gift for the small ones.