Submarine Decanter

Get a piece of the US fleet in your own home with your very own Submarine, LST, or Constellation 1797 decanter!

This decanter was made with nothing less than masterful craftsmanship by only the best artisans.

The glass is thick and durable, hand-blown and shaped into one of three intricate and dazzling designs.

Choose between a submarine, the USS Parche, a Landing Ship Tank or a vintage ship, the USS Constellation.

All of them are different and unique but are equally awe-inspiring and pleasant to the eyes –great pieces to show off on any bar.

Perfect gift for the whiskey lover in your life!

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Detailed information about Submarine Decanter

This decanter is not only beautiful; it is also functional. Holding up to 1000 mL or nearly 34 US fluid ounces, this product is 50% larger than other similar decanters.

Store and display a large quantity of your favorite liquor in this classy piece of art. Whiskey, scotch, bourbon, cognac, brandy – you name it.

This decanter will make sure you’ve got a large supply of it to drink and show off while looking fantastic.

To top it all off, it comes with a leak-proof stainless steel spigot for easy access to your drink of choice.

The spigot is removable, allowing you to clean the whiskey decanter with ease with just soap and water.


Functional decanter that holds up to 1000 ml

Perfect as a birthday gift

Masterful craftsmanship


A bit expensive