What Your House Décor Says About You

Everyone loves the idea of being able to decorate their home in an aesthetic that suits their personal style. But did you know that how you decorate your home can say a lot about your personality? It’s very interesting when you start to look at the details because something as insignificant as a particular painting on a wall can help people to read you like an open book. This is something that interior decorators take into consideration when it comes to working with clients. If you want a house that accentuates who you are, you’re going to choose pieces that relate to your personality.

Below are some interesting things you may have in your home that say a lot about who you are and what you want out of life.

Excessive Seating


If you’re the type of person that enjoys having more places to sit than your immediate family needs you’re most likely the type of person that loves entertaining. For example, if you have two living rooms or an abundance of couches and stand alone chairs in your house, you’re welcoming guests in. There’s a high probability you’re a social person that loves having people over on the weekends whenever possible.

Empty Counters

Quintessential to a Type A personality, a person who prefers to have their counters entirely cleared off most likely prefers aesthetic to function. For example, keeping all of your small appliances and utensils away offers a seamless appearance but in reality, it makes it more difficult to do anything in the kitchen. The main thing to watch out for is an empty counter not only looks bare, but it can also look cold and overly organized. It’s best to choose a couple of things to keep on the counter to make your home appear comfortable.

Neutral Colors


If you’re the type of home owner that prefers to have neutral colors throughout their home, it’s a sure sign that you’re a peacemaker. You don’t want to choose any colors that are overly loud and expressional, instead, you prefer to take advantage of the understated beauty of things. It’s always best to find an even middle ground when it comes to selecting a neutral palette, as you may want to choose different statement pieces for every room. Otherwise, all neutral colors can come off as bland and boring.

Open Floor Plans

When you start looking for a home you’re undoubtedly going to take a look at the layout of the house. Some people prefer a more closed-off design meaning that every room is separate from one another. Whereas others prefer what is known as an open floor plan, where the rooms transition into one another without any walls. Open floor plans are the type of layout that family-oriented home owners choose. It signifies that every guest is open to visit any room in your home and it creates a sense of welcoming comfort.

You’ll also find that an open floor plan helps to make the property feel larger than it actually is, especially if you have access to natural light through large windows.

Interesting/Strange Accessories


It’s known that we typically decorate our homes with things that tell stories about our lives. If you prefer to choose eclectic/interesting/strange accessories it’s going to tell more of a long-term story about who you are, where you’ve been, and what type of things you like to surround yourself with. Someone who decorates with eclectic things is essentially like a collector and you enjoy showing people the things you’re interested in. It’s a great way to evolve your home and make it more personal.

Art Deco Décor Style


art deco decor

Art décor is not only incredibly interesting, but it can also add a touch of uniqueness to your home. Little do most people know that choosing art deco pieces typically means that you want yourself to appear as a deep thinker or someone who is in love with the arts. If you’ve ever visited a painter’s home or someone who has a passion for art, they undoubtedly have striking accessories and décor pieces that strike up conversations.

Victorian Style Décor


The Victorian period was not only one of beauty and grace, but it also accentuates your inner sophistication and elegance. Between beautiful prints and the subtlety of old century colors, when people visit your home they’ll feel like they’ve stepped into an expensive and upper class world.

Brightly Colored Furniture and Walls

There’s nothing that screams different more than brightly colored furniture and walls. People who typically side with the louder colors in home décor stores are people who easily get bored and embrace the idea of constant change. You’re always looking for something new and exciting to involve yourself in, such as meeting new people. You may have spent a lot of time traveling or you have a wanderlust that makes you dream of visiting exotic locations around the world.

bright furniture

Often, creative personalities such as people in creative jobs like graphic design, will have very bright colors scattered throughout their property.

Similar Designs Throughout


If you have a home where every room looks similar to one another, you’re someone who embraces the life they have. You may have different types of furniture from the same store or from the same design line in every room in your home. You’re the type of person that enjoys things staying the same, such as engaging in long-term relationships, keeping the same job for a long period of time, and sticking to friends that you’ve had since you were a child. At times your design choices may appear like they’re narrow, but in reality, you just know what you want and you stick to it.

Designing a home can be a great adventure, but at the end of the day, everyone likes what they like. You’re not going to choose pieces of furniture that don’t accentuate your personality, and so it’s obvious your home is going to show off the type of person you are. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a home that screams your name when you walk through the door, it’s what makes your space ideal to you.

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