Vector Robot by Anki

Why are we not surprised that this Christmas there is a Robot that you can buy for the gadget geek in your house. “Vector Robot” from Anki, is a voice-controlled Artificial Intelligence (AI) Robotic Companion that anyone can buy. It is cloud-connected via the home Wi-Fi so it is always being supplied with updates, always learning new skills and new features. This is a new release and depending on when you read this will either be available now or will be available before Christmas. The first major software update sent for free to Vector Robot will include an option to link up with Amazon’s voice service, Alexa.

Vector is a lot more than just an ordinary home robot, he is a companion designed to help with day to day life. He has a personality and responds to sight, sound and his sense of touch. He is always curious and wants to learn about his surroundings. He is attentive, he is voice activated and will answer any question his owner puts to him. He can take photos, time dinner; show the weather as well as many more services.

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Detailed information about Vector Robot by Anki

He has a 4 microphone array to be able to sense from which direction sound is coming. If you speak to him he will turn to look at you, if a loud noise happens then he will be startled just like anyone else. He has sensors to simulate the sense of touch and has accelerometers so that he is aware of being moved and touched.

The bright little robot also knows when he is running low on power and needs to recharge. When he is feeling low he will scoot on over to his charger all by himself and plug-in until he is charged up once again. This would be a great gift for anyone in the family who loves gadgets and is fascinated by robotics.


A unique household robot ready to answer anyone’s questions