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Utter Nonsense Naughty Edition

Utter nonsense is a card game where you combine where you combine silly phrases with a hilarious accent in order to have great family fun (so long as the family is over the age of 18, no kids should be playing this game). It is a funny and great way to help pass the time during family game night, or even when it is just raining outside. The game comes with 500 cards altogether. 450 of them are phrases, while 50 are accents that you need to act out. Although sometimes the phrases pair well with their accent, but for the most part that is not the case.

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As a result, you will a phrase that is from one language, that you have to say in a completely different accent, causing hilarity to ensue.

You don’t have to be good as the accents, and the phrases you use don’t have to be any sense, which is why the game is called Utter Nonsense. It plays on the idea of saying kooky phrases in funny ways.