USB Mixtape

The younger generation will never know the magic of cassette tapes that were very popular back in the days before the invent of audio CDs, USBs, smartphones and sound cloud. There is nothing you couldn’t do with cassettes from listening to music to recording personalized music collections and so on.

They were a must-a-have-item back in the 90s, and even though they are no longer in use nowadays, there is a way to make them cool even for someone who didn’t grow up with them. And so if you are celebrating a loved one’s birthday, wedding, anniversary, graduation or any other occasion here is a super cool gift to make the occasion special.

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Detailed information about USB Mixtape

Present this quirky retro design gift to a loved one as a thoughtful gift and share with them memorable photos and videos. For example, you can celebrate your dad’s birthday by sharing with a compilation of family photos with him that showcases your wonderful moments together.

Or, give this to your favorite couple on their wedding with photos that show where it all started and the highlights of their relationship such as the first date, their engagement and so on.

Give this USB mixtape with a real cassette to your husband on your anniversary and make sure it has the most wonderful moments of your life together. The possibilities are endless, and you can give this to just anyone who matters in your life.


A unique, innovative and original gift idea

It has a classic retro style

Great for celebrating special occasions

Available in a range of sizes including 4GB, 8GB, and 16GB