USAopoly The Legend of Zelda Chess Set

For those of us who have members of the family fascinated by the Nintendo video game, Legend of Zelda, there is now a chess set themed after the characters from the game. The game features 32 custom built figurines based on the characters from the game. The Hero figurines are based on Link as the Light King, Zelda herself as Queen, Impa is the Bishop, Epona is the Knight and Darunia is the Rook. The figure of Navi is used for the Pawns.

The Dark King is Ganondorf who leads an army of villains and evil beings. Twinrova is the dark Queen, Iron Knuckle is the Bishop, Phantom is the Knight and Armos is the Rook. The Pawns are played by Deku Scrub. The two colors used in the figurines are a bronze gold for the White Army while iron grey is used for the Dark Army.

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Detailed information about USAopoly The Legend of Zelda Chess Set

Although this will be a great chess game for Legend of Zelda fans, please bear in mind that the characters seem to be made from cheap plastic while the board is a standard black and white chequered, flimsy cardboard version. For the price, the average purchaser would be expecting something a bit more special for their money. So as I say it is great for Zelda fans, otherwise spend your money on one with a better board.

Having said that, if you want something to wean the kids from cartoons and video games and onto a game to really test their brainpower, then this might just be the answer to your prayer.


The chess set uses the characters from the Legend of Zelda Nintendo video game to produce the light and dark armies of a traditional chess set

Suitable for anyone who up until now has been a fan of Zelda but now wants to try their hand at a taxing game of chess


The quality of both of the figurines could have been upgraded to make the whole experience more satisfying