URPOWER Garment Steamer for Frequent Travelers

If you know someone who’s always on the go, traveling all around the world, whether for business or pleasure, then the URPOWER Garment Steamer is the perfect match for them. It’ll make their day and their trip a lot easier! They’ll be looking spiffy even after sitting on a plane for several hours! The steamer can take out any wrinkles or creases in seconds. Compact and easy to use, the URPOWER is the ultimate tool for keeping clothes nice and tidy while giving anyone’s style a boost in freshness!

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Detailed information about URPOWER Garment Steamer for Frequent Travelers

The URPOWER features the newest steam channel design which delivers dry steam more evenly and powerfully to many different fabrics. This includes clothes, drapery, tablecloths and much more. Plus, it’s faster and more convenient to use than the average iron. To use it, unscrew the nozzle head and fill the tank up with water, making sure not to pass the maximum level. Then, screw the nozzle head back on. Turn the switch to on and wait 2 minutes for the steamer to heat up. It will emit steam every 2 minutes. The steamer also has a resetting function which turns the steamer off when the water has worn out. Turn the steamer off when you have finished removing all the wrinkles.