Umbra Casa Tissue Box Cover

Cover the unappealing cardboard boxes with a cute home accent. The Umbra Casa tissue box cover is a great addition to any home, especially one with a modern feel. The tissue box cover is actually shaped like a house with an angled roof and chimney. The tissues act as the smoke coming out of the chimney – how adorable. This is a fun, simple, gift to spruce up your house in a functional way. Give this gift as a housewarming gift, or to a student going away to college. Both decorative and functional, the tissue box cover will work with any standard square tissue boxes.

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Detailed information about Umbra Casa Tissue Box Cover

The box is made of molded plastic which is both economical and easy to clean. It would not make sense to get a cover that adds more to your list of chores! The tissue box cover comes in both white and surf blue to best fit the feel of your home. Permanent paint and markers can even be used to decorate the boxes for a fun afternoon craft. Have kids decorate tissue covers to put in their rooms or playrooms. Cloth or jewels could even be glued on for a more personal touch.