UGG Scuff Slipper for Men

Slippers are not just for women! This UGG Scuff slipper for men will provide ultimate comfort while still being stylish, and who doesn’t want that? With a soft fur lining and a durable rubber sole, you can wear these slippers comfortably all day long – inside or outside! If the weather is getting colder, you need these irresistible UGG slippers.

Specs: These slippers are made from 100% suede on the outside and inside features UGG’s signature UGGpure wool lining made from sheepskin. These slippers also have a rubber sole and come in 5 distinct colors. They feature an easy slip on design with full coverage over the top of the foot and the toes.

Why it’s a great gift: There are certain items that men just don’t think to buy, and slippers are a solid addition to that list. However, men can benefit from a nice pair of slippers just as much as women! Who doesn’t want their feet to feel nice and warm during the cold winter months? These are a great gift for any man that is currently missing out on the soft comfort of slippers. Plus, the design is very masculine, ensuring that any man will gladly wear these slippers.

What we like: We really like the design of these slippers and that they have such a warm, soft inner lining. The color options are also nice, ensuring that you can find the perfect pair for any man on your shopping list. We also like how durable these slippers are, which is especially important for men, especially any man who isn’t particularly gentle with things. These will hold up for a long time and are a worthwhile investment!

What we don’t like: While these do feature a good amount of lining, we think they could maybe use a little more to give some more padding to the slipper. Also, the suede lining looks nice but could potentially get ruined if you wear these slippers outside, even if just for a few seconds to get the mail. We recommend using a suede protectant on them to make sure they stay looking brand new for a long time!

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Soft inner lining

Color options

Very durable


Suede protectant needed