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Trader Joes Pumpkin Butter

The Trader Joes pumpkin butter is the perfect gift to give to that special foodie in your life. Foodies are an easy bunch to please. Anything that will make a great food moment will make them happy. This pumpkin butter is super tasty, distinctively rich and it will undoubtedly awaken anyone’s taste buds to another level.

This super yummy butter doesn’t have butter, but the puree is well cooked to achieve a rich consistency similar to that of real butter. This can be attributed to the high ratio of the fruity level to sugar which is notably higher than the amount found in jams and other preservatives.

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Detailed information about Trader Joes Pumpkin Butter

For someone who never gets of enough of pumpkins, this Traders Joes pumpkin butter would certainly become their favorite food item. It's like having a pumpkin pie without eggs and cream. The butter is cooked in small batches with spices and sugar. The mixture is then cooked slowly to allow the pumpkin to richly absorb the spices which give the butter a distinctive rich taste.

The end result is a smooth and light pumpkin butter with a rich flavor that is great to taste and sweetly melts in your mouth.  In addition, the butter is free of fat and cholesterol so you will not have to worry about adverse health risks. It’s a pleasurable treat that one can take without killing themselves with guilty.


The pumpkin butter has a smooth consistency

Its packaged in a glass jar; well protected

It has no artificial flavors

Its fat and cholesterol free


Its product is seasonal and not available all year round