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TIME Stories

The Time Stories is an extremely fun and inventive game. It’s a perfect family gift for the holidays, and it will without a doubt keep everyone entertained for hours.

This is an intriguing game that will challenge your mind as a full pledged T.I.M.E agent, traveling the world in time to stop and prevent a cataclysmic occurrence.

The TIME Stories is a 90-minute game which involves 2-4 players of ages 12 years and up. It’s a unique board game that comes with a deck of cards that present a new adventure to play.

Each tachyon insert sends the player’s mind into receptacles in various parts of the world where they will venture out in different characters.

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Detailed information about TIME Stories

The game is cooperative, intriguing and fun. Basically, your teammates go through the map to uncover clues, secret locations, and items using characteristics of their character.

In this limited time, the players will live through the different adventures, and they will have to fight, discuss, search and most importantly be clever enough to convince the other characters they meet and sometimes they will have to be convincing enough to the agents.

In this game time is everything as each second counts. Thus the players have to optimize their actions and make sure they don’t waste a moment.

The teammates work cooperatively to solve a mystery that could be taking place in a completely different era.

The players take a role play of the characters alive at that time to benefit from their physical strength and weakness.


An intriguing board game that keeps the players captivated

The set comes with plenty of game pieces

Ideal for kids (12+) and adults alike