Ticwatch E Super Lightweight Smart Watch

Android Wear is one of the newest Android gadgets out this year and this product from Ticwatch, “The Ticwatch E Super Lightweight Smart Watch Ice” is one of the most stylish Android wear products on the market at the moment. To start off with, the watch isn’t just compatible with Android devices; it is also compatible with iOS as well.

It links into Google Assistant so you can ask the watch any of the usual questions and Google Assistant will quickly find the answer for you on the internet. This particular watch is pure ice white but there are six colors in total in case a white watch just isn’t your scene (you should be buying one for someone else anyway!).

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Detailed information about Ticwatch E Super Lightweight Smart Watch

The watch can be used for fitness monitoring, track running, dog walking, cycle rides, perfect a golf swing, check on the heart rate and strength training just by downloading Google Fit or any other fitness Apps. Not only can the wearer check on their heartbeat when running they can also stream music as well. How good is that?

Let’s just move on from the fitness stuff for the minute. There is plenty of work the watch can do depending on the App you install. Let’s move on to Google Assistant, shall we? The wearer is probably already familiar with Google Assistant from their PC or Android Device. If so it will not come as any surprise to find that when Google Assistant is loaded onto the watch it will bring the whole range of benefits with it.


A great addition to the recipient’s Android hardware

Access the Android or iOS phone from the watch

Six different styles to choose from

Download Google Wear Apps to do thousands of operations

Access Google Assistant from the watch