The Sacred Glass Tea Tumbler with Infuser + Strainer

If you are looking for a gift to treat a tea lover in your life, don’t give them yet another pack of teas. We can bet that they already have enough collection of different teas and only themselves know how they like their tea to taste. Good news is that there are lots of unique items that would make a great gift to a tea lover and become a useful part of their daily tea making regime.

Here is a special gift idea that is bound to be your loved one’s cup of tea. Uniquely and expertly steeped in originality, this tea tumbler with infuser by Sacred Lotus Love will without a doubt become one of the most favorite possession by a tea lover. It’s elegant, unique, versatile and quite practical.

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Detailed information about The Sacred Glass Tea Tumbler with Infuser + Strainer

One thing about tea lovers is that they like to have their tea basics well covered. This glass tea tumbler is designed for mobility. It will ensure that whenever one is the move, whether they are headed to their yoga class, or reading their favorite book at the park, or cuddled with their spouse at a picnic, or they are just waking up and planning their day, they can do so with a cup of tea in their presence.

Here beauty meets practicality. It's slim, tall, light and strong. The tea bottle is lightweight and well insulated. It's made of borosilicate glass, a high-quality material which is perfect for piping hot or cold brewed drinks.


Beautifully designed tea tumbler with an infuser

Ideal for loose tea, coffee, flavored water, and infused drinks

Keeps drinks hot for 45 minutes

The product comes in a stunning package, well wrapped ready for gifting

Made from eco-friendly materials