The Indian Cooking Course: Techniques – Masterclasses – Ingredients

This book, The Indian Cooking Course by Monisha Bharadwaj is an excellent gift to pass to the hostess as a congratulatory gift or a thank you gift. In fact, this guide will be a hit to a foodie or a kitchen enthusiast who always goes out of their way to try new recipes and exciting meals. It would be such a joy for anyone to learn how to cook something out of the ordinary and particularly out of their culture.

This book is a comprehensive guide which explores a variety of Indian recipes. Monisha, in this book, goes out of her way to break down different types of authentic and healthy Indian dishes from different regionals. She extensively covers quite a wide range of Indian cooking and beautifully provides the reader with helpful cooking tips, techniques, ingredients and step-to-step cooking instructions that will deliver mouthwatering and authentic Indian dishes.

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Detailed information about The Indian Cooking Course: Techniques – Masterclasses – Ingredients

It’s a remarkable book, well outlined with different Indian cuisines. Indian recipes are quite compressive, and Monisha has remarkably covered most of them and extensively in this book. The book carries so many great recipes, and anyone who receives this book will literally be spoiled with the many choices to cook from.

Each chapter in this book is broken into different Indian dishes including rice, meat, fish, bread, poultry, eggs, dairy, seafood, grills, vegetable desserts, snacks, etc. The list of Indian foods and dishes that one can come up with the amazing recipes in this book is countless. It covers 300 recipes complete with ingredients, masterclasses, and demo photos to enable the reader to whip up delicious and the infamous Indian cuisines.


The book compressively explores different Indian dishes in different regions

It has 300 Indian recipes and step-by-step Indian cooking masterclasses complete with demo photos, instructions, and techniques

The book is available in hardcover format

Monisha Bharadwaj writes for magazines, features in UK televisions and radio, make appearances regularly on Great Food, and she is an award-winning author