The Essential Guide to Culinary Creativity

If someone wants to be a great cook, the finished product goes beyond the standard recipe. The flavors have to contain something special. This is what this great cookbook is all about. It tells the reader how to go about using seasonings to coax the best flavor from the ingredients of the meal.

This book uses tips and tricks and methods derived from the experiences of many leading chefs. Professional chefs are confronted with this problem almost every day, “how to make this meal something special” if they can’t then they cease to be a leading chef.

This book looks at thousands of ingredients, each one is organised alphabetically and cross-referenced with others to provide a compilation of amazing flavor combinations. The reader will learn how to work with different flavors intuitively to make effective combinations as well as using variations in temperature and texture to make the perfect flavor.

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Detailed information about The Essential Guide to Culinary Creativity

The book, “The Flavor Bible: The Essential Guide to Culinary Creativity comes as a paperback and as a hardcover for those who like to work from a specific type of recipe book.

This book would be a great gift for someone who is already an experienced chef and wants to go that extra step; or for someone who is just starting out with cooking and wants to make an exceptional dish right from the start. The book will advise the chef but not demand that he or she sticks slavishly to the recipe. They must have intuition to be able to go one step further, and this is what is encouraged using the knowledge in this book.


This book comes in paperback or in hardcover format so you can choose which format you consider is the best

It teaches how to combine flavors, temperature and texture to make a great meal even better

The book contains thousands of herbs, spices and other seasonings all indexed and cross-referenced for the ease of the reader