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The Chef Says: Quotes, Quips, and Words of Wisdom – Hardcover

“The Chef Says” is the quintessential read for all of those men and women on the front line of every single fine restaurant, roadside café or food truck out there. This book imparts the knowledge from some of the most famous chefs of the last 75 years. Whether the reader is the head chef in a three-star Michelin establishment in Paris, or the cook in a homestyle diner in Hoboken, or maybe just an incredibly passionate foodie, this book is sure to be informative and well loved. This fascinating read is filled with quotes from the food icons who have elevated dining to the artform that it is today.

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“The Cook Says” condenses and distills the drive and the passion that it takes to become a great chef, not necessarily an awarded one, but one with the zeal and the intensity to create something extra special.

The concept of food as art is at the core of every passionate cook out there and every plate that they serve up. The need to elevate the ingredients and to take a dish to the next level, that is the stuff that Michelin stars are made of.


Over 150 pages of quotes and stories from such talented chefs as Julia Child, James Beard, and

April Bloomfield, to name just a few

Informative and provocative read for chefs, restaurateurs, and foodies alike

This book describes all of the emotion, frustration, love and hard work that goes into the profession of culinary art