Tea Drops Instant Organic Pressed Teas

There is nothing quite like a good cup of tea to brighten up someone’s day at work or to relax with when at home. Teabags, however, can be a real nuisance when it comes to making the beverage. Although they are convenient, they rarely taste as good as loose leaf tea and are difficult to remove from a cup without slopping the liquid all over the place. The answer would be to have a completely dissolvable tea brick that retained its shape until brought into contact with water.

The “Instant Organic Pressed Teas” from Tea Drops provide almost the exact solution. This product is an eight-pack sampler (there is also a 25 pack box) of different kinds of tea and herbal infusions. Each cute little shape is made from ground tea combined with raw cane sugar and aromatic spices pressed into a shape that will hold its form until boiling water comes in contact with it.

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Detailed information about Tea Drops Instant Organic Pressed Teas

Tea bags can be difficult to compost, are messy when taken out of the cup, and often contain substandard tea leaves in the form of a dust. In contrast, loose leaf tea, although much more flavorsome, more precise in gauging the strength and consisting of better quality tea leaves, requires a lot of equipment and time to make a really good cup of tea, and often this is just not feasible. The obvious answer is to use Tea Drops to make a good cup of tea. There is no waste; even the sediment at the bottom of the cup is nutritious and pleasant to drink. Each cup is made with a precise amount of tea, sugar, and flavorings so every cup will be exactly the same and give a consistently good quality beverage.

This is a great gift or a stocking stuffer for serious tea drinkers who don’t want the mess of teabags or the hassle of equipment associated with loose leaf teas. The organic tea, herb and spice flavorings, and raw cane sugar are sourced from the best suppliers around the world and made into Tea Drops in the USA where they are USDA Certified as organic tea products.


Makes a consistently good cup of tea without the mess of teabags or the hassle of loose leaf teas

All the ingredients are certified organic and all products are 100% recyclable