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Talking Trump Button – Says 7 Fake News Lines

You probably have had some fake news, and the only thing you did was nod your head. Whether it is at home, at the workplace or any gathering, there are a chance of hearing some fake news go around. Did you know you can react to the false news by using a button to shame the liar?

This fake news button with a president’s annoying voice will do the trick. It can be a thoughtful gift idea for a friend, boss or family member that is tired of sensing fake news. It is super hilarious and will have everyone burst out in laughter.

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Detailed information about Talking Trump Button – Says 7 Fake News Lines

The Talking Trump button comes with seven different fake news quotes as said by President Trump. It functions by just pressing the button, and the fake news alert will start playing. The button is hilarious in a crowd setup where fake news is most likely to be heard. This feature makes it suitable for office or school setups.

The talking button can be a gift for any occasion regardless of the season. It will work best on a friend's desk, and they can use it to shame coworkers that spread the fake news around. Of course, it is a fun toy-like gadget that is meant to make people around laugh about the news.