SUUNTO Traverse Alpha Fully Reviewed

Have you a man in your life who enjoys hunting as a pastime? Are you possibly considering buying him a new watch as a gift this Christmas? If the answer to either of these questions is “Yes” then you should consider the “Traverse Alpha” from Suunto. This is a rugged watch with a sturdy knurled bezel, a water-repellent nylon strap and a scratch resistant glass made from sapphire crystal. In fact, this is a wristwatch designed to stand up to rugged outdoor use without batting an eyelid.

This is an expensive gift but when you look at all the add-ons built into it you will understand why. It has shot detection technology built into the watch to keep track of when and where the shot took place. It maps the GPS coordinates of the shot location so that it can be studied later. The watch also tracks the path taken so allowing the wearer to track their steps and find their way back to camp or the car using an automatic breadcrumb trail.

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Detailed information about SUUNTO Traverse Alpha Fully Reviewed

All the inbuilt circuitry will keep an eye on the wearer’s altitude profile using barometric pressure and the route using GPS, so there is no reason for the wearer to become lost, and every reason to keep important information such as user locations, when and where he shoots and many other snippets of information.

Although this watch is expensive it is almost indispensable for the serious outdoorsman, hiker, hunter, and angler. It is definitely the wearer’s guide in the wilderness keeping track of his location at all times using GPS together with loads of other useful outdoors features.


This Finnish built wristwatch has all the outdoors features that anyone could want

Water resistant up to 100m

Glass fibre and stainless steel case for sturdy and corrosion resistant protection