How to Stay Alive in the Woods

People should make sure that they bring this guide to their next adventure in the woods. This guide is written by Bradford Angier and it is a thorough handbook on how to find shelter and food while staying safe in the wildest of woodlands. Anyone who loves walking in the outdoors or hiking in the mountains is a great candidate for this gift. This guide is made to share practical knowledge and save lives. ‘How To Stay Alive in the Woods’ is described as one of the best survival books out there. The guide is split into four sections an addresses dealing with living and surviving in an unfamiliar terrain.

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Detailed information about How to Stay Alive in the Woods

The guide comes in a variety of formats. From the regular hardback and paperback to a spiral bound version for easy reference when out in the woods. Also, there is an electronic Kindle edition, plus it is available as an audiobook. Even though this book was written more than twenty years ago - it is still full of information that is relevant as ever.