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Birds of the Photo Ark

There is probably no other animal on earth that inspires such interest and is also so diverse in color, feeding habits and migratory patterns as the bird.

There are estimated as being about 18,000 species of bird all with distinguishing markings, colorings and voice living on the planet at the present time.

National Geographic, publisher of the famous magazine found in just about every doctor and dentist waiting room in the civilized world, and sponsor of many exploratory treks to far-flung regions of the Earth has produced a new book.

“Birds of the Photo Ark” by wildlife photographer Joel Sartore, with text by bird watcher Noah Stryker is one of those books that you will want to keep on a coffee table and browse through when you have a few minutes to spare.

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Detailed information about Birds of the Photo Ark

This is a book for the avian enthusiast. Most people if they had a chance would put up a bird feeder in their garden as there is nothing more restful than watching tiny wild birds foraging for their dinner.

For those more serious birders who travel many thousands of miles every year in their quest to see and record as many birds as possible, there are also the more majestic birds such as the eagle, toucan, and birds of paradise.

This book has photos and a few paragraphs about all these species and more. The authors have done a marvelous job of bringing together all the beautiful images and interesting facts so that the ordinary bird enthusiast can share a little bit of the authors’ love of birds.


National Geographic information resource

Covers hundreds of wild bird species

A ‘must-have’ for anyone who loves the natural world in general and birds in particular