Silent Mind ~ Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

Most times, one tends to bury himself or herself in work and family and forgets about essential self-time. It not only affects the productivity but also leads to stress and anxiety. One of the ways to improve the situation is taking a few minutes a day for meditation and relaxation.

If you know someone into such practices, you ought to have the essentials for successful self-time. One item that is widely known for its calming effect is the singing bowl. It comes in handy during meditation, yoga and other self-care practices. The bowl set can be a gift for a friend, family or colleague.

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Detailed information about Silent Mind ~ Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

So, how does this bowl work? The set comes with a 4-inch bowl in an antique design. It also has a leather pencil-grip sticker and a hand-sewn non-dampening pillow. All these designs allow easy use of the bowl while creating a lasting tune while meditating. The items are hand-selected and inspected for any defects. This ensures quality and functionality for easy use and durability.

The singing bowl together with the other pieces makes a perfect gift for a loved one. It creates a calming effect and a relaxing sound when tapped around the rim. It is so easy to use and does not require any skills to use it. It is a handy package for people that love meditation, yoga and other relaxing exercises.