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See’s Candies Assorted Lollypops – All 4 Flavors

With so many occasions to get together over the holidays, it can be a challenge to always have the perfect hostess gift on hand. Something original and yet practical to have on hand for those last minute invitations or the unexpected and immediate need for another gift. See’s decadent lollypops are the perfect answer for both of those things.

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This gift is wonderful to have on hand as a gift for the hostess who is throwing that last minute dinner party. Decedent and chic, this is quite literally the perfect item to have on hand. These candies are easy to store and with their long-lasting freshness, you never have to be caught without a gift for those unexpected occasions.

See’s Candy is well known for their candy-making skill and in this attractive box, they are offering four of their most refined and delicious confections. There is vanilla made with real vanilla beans, dreamy deep chocolate, coffee flavored made with rich Columbian coffee, and buttery and creamy butterscotch. All of the ingredients are fresh and wholesome, and that is how the best candy is made.


One and one-half pounds of the famous See’s Lollypops in assorted flavors

Long lasting lollypops with sophisticated flavors for the discerning adult palette

Perfect to keep on hand for those unexpected times when a last minute gift is called for