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SeaTurtle Sports Beach Bocce Ball Crack and Rust Proof Set

Have you got someone in your life who appears all collected and is into finer things in life? Leisure and luxury are like their second name and most likely belong to some rich people club?

This person could be your dad, grandfather, uncle, husband, brother, or a special friend. They seem to have it all, a situation that makes it hard for you to come up with a gift they would actually like.

If the above is your predicament worry no more. We are here to help you with your gift troubles, and we believe this set of luxury beach bocce balls by Sea Turtle Sports will fit the bill.

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Detailed information about SeaTurtle Sports Beach Bocce Ball Crack and Rust Proof Set

This fancy lawn game is the crown of leisure. Its easily learned and can be played anywhere as a pastime activity. And because of the leisurely pace of this fun game, participants can have a drink or even a cigar on hand as they play.

Now they can bring their own set of bocce balls and join their family and friends in this fun yard game. This is a high-quality bocce set which, according to the seller, has been featured in leading magazines and Men's journal.

It is designed to withstand rigorous playtime on grass, sand, and mixed surfaces. And because these bocce balls are built to last a lifetime, they can be passed down from generation to generation, which is a common practice among bocce players.

The set comes with 8 balls all sporting bright beach colors to distinguish teams and helps in multi-player matches.

They are made using tough synthetic polymers which not only make them durable but also makes the balls shatter-proof. They won't rust or fade even on sunny beaches.


A luxury gift set for a bocce player

The balls are durable, crack and rustproof

They feature vibrant beach colors

Come packaged in a stylish, sturdy canvas bag